Best Place to Invest in Thailand?

January 2, 2018

Well it is a fact, Koh Samui is one of the most sought-after destinations in Thailand. The sun-soaked island attracts visitors and expats from all over the world, with its stunning beaches, wide range of activities, cultural possibilities and it’s flourishing luxury real estate market.

Thailand's Ministry of Finance noted that in the first quarter of 2017 the economy grew by 1.3%, which was stronger than market estimates of a 1.2 percent growth. With the new year, and past political events of recent years put to rest, the Thai economy's future looks bright!

These advantages and many others, have helped to turn Koh Samui into one of the best places in Thailand to make a property investment. So if you’ve been considering the best place in Thailand to make a wise and profitable property investment, we highly recommend Koh Samui.

The increasing number of tourists to the island and the growing business ventures undertaken are but two of the factors helping to boost the real estate market in Koh Samui.

It is able to offer the perfect blend between unspoiled nature, relaxed beach-side restaurants and extravagant accommodation, such as new Luxury Koh Samui Villas, new 5 star resorts such as The Ritz Calton Koh Samui, quickly turning it into the number 1 chic destination in Thailand.


Koh Samui Property Investment Opportunities

Did you know? Koh Samui attracts some of the highest rental yields in Thailand, with longer high seasons and less rainfall than other parts of Thailand. Investors can receive rental yields at approximately 8-10%, with some featured luxury villas producing up to 30% yields per year!

Many other alternative destinations offer only 4-6% yields, mainly due to their rapid price increases, making Koh Samui a competitive choice.

New environmental building laws, infrastructure and mature market, means investing in Koh Samui Real Estate is more secure than before.

In all these ways, Koh Samui presents an immense appeal to international holiday-makers and an increasing new influx of affluent investors.

Mainly from Hong Kong, China, Australia, France & United Kingdom seeking a secure holiday investment and a relaxing lifestyle destination to repatriate or retire in paradise.

Interested? Explore our current: Koh Samui Property Investment options and secure free property consultation today!

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