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What is the Cost of Real Estate in Thailand?

What is the Cost of Real Estate in Thailand?

Thailand is increasingly being regarded as an ideal residential and business location. In this article, we detail the cost of property in Thailand based on the type of real estate in question, using regions such as Koh Samui and Bangkok as examples.

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What You Need to Know About Buying Property in Thailand

What You Need to Know About Buying Property in Thailand

An increasing number of non-Thai nationals are opting to buy a property in Thailand. The rules are different for foreigners with Regards to buying property, and potential buyers will have to adhere to certain legal processes. This article focuses on the purchase of condominiums, the leasing of land, forming a Thai company, and how to buy land through a Thai spouse.

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5 Options for Foreigners to Buy Property in Thailand

If your dream is to own your own property in paradise purchasing Real Estate in Thailand as a foreigner is certainly possible, and we hav...

Why Covid-19 is the best time to Buy Property in Thailand?

Buying investment property during COVID-19 in Koh Samui and other regions of Thailand, not only it is a safe haven during the pandemic but also a g...

Koh Samui Building Regulations and Zoning Rules

Building Regulation in Koh Samui, is explained here in detail. The island is divided into several zoning system where only certain types of develop...

Top Tips for Expats Buying Property in Thailand

Given the noticeable expat community in Thailand that owns homes, just how easy is it to purchase a property in this country?

Conrad Properties is the Winner of the Best Real Estate Agent Thailand in the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2022

It is with the deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we announce the following: Conrad Properties has won two award...

3 Easy Steps to Buying a House Remotely in Thailand

If you’ve been wanting to invest in the Thai real estate market, you maybe wondering, with borders closed how is it even possible to view a p...

How To Buy Property in Koh Samui, Thailand

The increasing popularity of the island as a top tourist destination has given rise to a greater number of foreigners looking to buy property in Ko...

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